Bookie News: Gibraltar Gambling Industry Faces Uncertainties with Brexit

Bookie News: Gibraltar Gambling Industry Faces Uncertainties with Brexit

As the day when Britain exits from the EU draws closer, the future of Gibraltar gambling industry is facing some uncertainties. The gambling hub depends on cross-border movement. In fact, around 10,000 Spanish workers commute to British territory daily. 
At present, Gibraltar enjoys the benefits of being a British overseas territory. The UK is a major economic partner of Spain. In addition, Gibraltar is a hub for various industries, including online gambling, insurance, and finance. 
Most British gambling companies prefer Gibraltar as their home base due to its tax laws. It provides a corporate tax rate of 10 percent that is lower than Spain’s 25 percent. As a result, Spanish businesses see Gibraltar as a tax haven. A look at pay per head reviews and you’ll see some top sportsbooks based in the territory.  

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Kyler Murray to Play Two Sports in 2019

Kyler Murray might not be part of the National Championship earlier this week, but many sports fans are still talking about him. Although he committed to play for the A’s, there are still some rumors that he will play two sports in 2019.  
The Oakland Athletics picked Murray ninth overall in the 2018 MLB Draft. As a result, he must give up football in order to fulfill his contract with the A’s. This is bad news for his fans who want him to continue playing football. 
There are reports that Kyler Murray might play both sports. However, the only option to do so is to play football at a collegiate level. According to the sports news grapevine, Murray may return to Oklahoma and play for one more year. This will not be a breach of contract with the A’s and still play in the minor league. 

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What Sports Betting in the NBA Will Bring

Everyone who is in the sports betting industry knows that the legalization of sports betting is the US is going to happen eventually, and that the numbers on gambling will only increase. Not just because of the exposure sports betting will get from sponsorships and advertising. Even before sports betting was legalized in the US, thousands, if not millions, of people around the world have been betting on American sports, particularly the NBA.

In fact, bookmakers rake in millions in revenue from NBA betting. With technology backing them up, you don’t have to be inside a casino to place your bets. Just read what is an online bookie software and you will understand how easy it is to get in the gambling business.

And for the NBA, this is old news. True, Commissioner Adam Silver is one of the most progressive leaders the basketball industry has had. He also knows just how much the league can make money out of sports betting. But what exactly will it mean for basketball?

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New York Court Rules on Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is also gaining popularity. Unfortunately, a New York court judge has recently set out a ruling that DFS is a form of gambling. This means that current operators of DFS in New York are now unclear on what will happen to them. The plaintiffs in the case who filed the case are known anti-gambling campaign groups – and the complaint was filed after the 2016 legislation was passed.

The 2016 legislation allows DFS under the premise that DFS is a game of skill. But Albany County’s acting Justice Gerald Connolly favors the plaintiffs. Connolly said that the plaintiffs were able to explain and demonstrate that DFS does require skill, but still relies on a lot of luck to win. This means that DFS should fall under the definition of gambling of the state.

This means, state legislators do not have the authority to allow DFS. But, they could remove DFS from the state’s definition of illegal gambling. And as if this issue is not confusing and complicated enough, there is also an existing move to legalize single-game sports betting in New York.

Experts from the best bookie PPH services expect that the state will file an appeal. As such, those who are into DFS will not have their game time interrupted. The status quo will prevail for now. As to when the decision on the appeal will happen, no one knows. But this could take years, not just the proceedings itself, but the wait time since there is a backlog on the state dockets. All the state will have to do is ask for a stay of the ruling, so those who are into DFS in New York can still play. Keep track of the latest gambling industry news to see if anything changes.


Gambling Update – US Market Could be World’s Highest in 5 Years

The US Supreme Court made a historic ruling last month that allows the gambling industry an opportunity to establish itself in the US and be one of the biggest markets for sports betting by 2023. Industry experts are estimating a market for sports wagering to be worth $3.1 to $5.2 billion annually in 5 years’ time. It is the perfect time to learn how to become a bookie.

Aside from Nevada, there already at least seven states that are gearing towards opening their doors to sports betting because of the ruling. The said ruling struck down PASPA or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. There are also around 35-37 states who may be establishing lawful wagering laws in the next five years as well.

This will prove challenging since we are looking at different states who will possibly be making their own legislation and policies. You also have so many stakeholders, like the Indian Tribes, the sports leagues, gaming operators and the like, and all of them will be pushing for policies that may not exactly align easily.

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Ontario, Canada’s Online Gambling Revenue Rises

Canada’s Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, or OLG has released the annual report for the 2017-2018 revenues. The period covers the year, ending in March 31, 2018. While Ontario has a long road ahead in surpassing the other provinces in Canada, their numbers are nothing to scoff at.

The report states a revenue of C$ 7.58 billion, which is around $5.8 billion. This means that the revenues show an increase of 5.6% versus the numbers in the fiscal year 2016-2017. Net Income shows an increase in 5.3% at C$2.49 billion.

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2018 Kentucky Derby Odds and Predictions

Why Justify is the favorite to win the 2018 Kentucky Derby

2018 Kentucky Derby Odds and PredictionsThe 144th annual Kentucky Derby is just a few days away and as always will take place at Churchill Downs on May 5th, 2018.  This year the race will be broadcast by NBC and will begin at 12:30PM where horse racing fans will get to see 20 horses race towards a $2 million purse.

In our 2018 Kentucky Derby Odds and Prediction article, we will go into which horse has the best chances to win.

This time of the year, everyone from your online sportsbooks to Suzy homemaker has an opinion on who will win the Derby. In addition, horse racing fans and professional bettors will be wagering thousands of dollars on the most popular horse racing event.

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