Report on Potential NFL Franchise Tag Players

Report on Potential NFL Franchise Tag Players

Teams are evaluating their rosters to determine the potential NFL franchise tag players. Owners know that they are going to earn more cash with the new labor deal and negotiations with streaming services and TV networks. Also, the league will have a new revenue stream when it fully embraces sports betting. 
The salary cap will increase, and this off-season is not the right time to fret over a couple of million dollars in cap space. Most teams are attempting to secure the best talent for the upcoming season.
Also, teams can still apply multiple tags as representatives of the league and player union are even discussing the fine print of the new CBA before a vote from the players. That’s why many pay per head bookie experts are waiting for the list of players with the franchise and transition tags. 

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Flutter Signs Multi-Million Deal with Major Racetracks

Flutter Signs Multi-Million Deal with Major Racetracks

Flutter signs a long-term rights deal with three major UK racetrack operators. It has multi-million deals with The Racing Partnership, At the Races, and Arena Racing Company. It will cover Flutter Entertainment’s UK online and retail racing operations, as well as its operations in Australia and the US.
Also, the deal includes a new streaming partnership between ATR and Flutter. Customers will gain access to data and live images from TRP and ARC racetracks. The parties are working to present horse racing to customers of Flutter brands, including Betfair and Paddy Power. In the UK, TRP covers horseracing. 
Flutter Entertainment told the best pay per head sportsbook that the company has been a supporter of horseracing for a couple of decades. Also, it sees the deal as a milestone for the company. Flutter wants to keep the partnership with ATR and ARC for a long time.  

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Pay Per Head Basketball News – USA Basketball after Disappointing World Cup

Pay Per Head Basketball News – USA Basketball after Disappointing World Cup

USA Basketball had a very disappointing performance in the FIBA World Cup. In fact, the team didn’t even reach the medal rounds. They lost to Frances in the quarterfinals to end the country’s winning streak of seven international tournaments.
Managing director Jerry Colangelo told betting software news reporters that he will not forget the players who backed out of their commitments to participate in the World Cup. He will keep the list in mind when creating the roster for the 2020 Olympics.
Out of the 35 players initially selected for the USA Basketball pool, only four played in the World Cup. Colangelo described those who backed out as people he thought were going to war with but failed to show up. 

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Las Vegas Firm Joins the Sports Betting Bandwagon

Las Vegas Firm Joins the Sports Betting BandwagonMatthew Holt sees the sports betting bandwagon as an opportunity to make money. He launched a Las Vegas firm that works with leagues, sportsbooks, and teams to detect possible irregularities and cheating. 
Holt told that he sees the proliferation of sports wagering as a modern-day gold rush. He sees his company as selling shovels and picks to prospective miners. His company, US Integrity, monitors records of referees, inspects betting line movements, checks social media, and more. 
US Integrity has tools to identify trends that can indicate something is afoul with a game. If there are irregularities, his analysts can find it. He told sports handicappers that clients would get weekly reports on their games. It will indicate if there are potential wrongdoings by players or referees. 

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Regulating US Online Gambling Market

Regulating US Online Gambling MarketUS online gambling market is growing. Although not all states regularize online gambling, there’s no existing federal law making the activity illegal. The federal government can’t go after citizens who placed bets online. 
According to a US federal law, a bank can’t handle transactions between a US-based bettor and an online gambling site. The Unlawful Gambling Internet Enforcement Act makes it illegal for a bank to process deposits or withdrawals for an online casino. 
The federal law doesn’t prohibit people from accessing online gambling sites. However, it is a different story when it comes to some state laws. In fact, Illinois, Montana, Washington, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Louisiana don’t allow any form of online gambling. 
In other states, the law is not that clear. That’s why there are calls from some sectors for the federal government to regulate the US online gambling market. However, this is something that the sportsbook pay per head companies don’t want to happen. For them, it is better for individual states to oversee online casinos and sportsbooks on their own. 

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Sports Betting Study from NY Gambling Commission Delayed

Sports Betting Study from NY Gambling Commission DelayedThe New York State Gambling Commission’s sports betting study is delayed until 2020. As a result, the launch of legal sports wagering in New York will be postponed. This new development came as the state is considering to let mobile sports betting and private casinos. 
The study will provide lawmakers with information about the future of gambling in the state. According to the initial schedule, they will complete the study by the end of the year. It will give officials enough time to read it, according to bookie pay per head info and reviews.
However, the new release date for the study is April 1. It is the same day as the deadline for New York State’s budget. Brent Stevens, CEO, and chairman of Peninsula Pacific said he was disappointed with the study’s delay. He told sports betting software insiders that he understands why the Gambling Commission doesn’t want to rush the study. It is important to get an accurate conclusion from it because regulators will use it in forming a gaming policy. 

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Pay Per Head Prospects in Louisiana

Louisiana has SB 153 in the Senate, which estimates to bring in around $60 million monthly in revenues. Legislators are planning to have a detailed and thorough discussion on legalizing sports betting in the state. Of course, looking at the top sportsbook pay per head operators, the revenue potential is good. To find out more about getting into the gambling industry, there are a lot of pay per head reviews to read. There is also a pay per head demo one can try to get a feel of how it works.

Pay Per Head in Louisiana

Of course, the debate on sports betting in the US has been dominating gambling news pages, and with good reason. The revenues generated from sports betting can fund wonderful social and economic programs, and legalizing it allows the state to profit off it.

SB 153, or the Louisiana Sports Wagering Control act wants to introduce sports betting in riverboats, casinos, and race tracks. There will also be mobile sports betting. However, one must be in specific areas or venues to be able to do so. Any online wagers will also require an in-person registration for the player prior to their first bets as well.

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