Why is it that you make more with credit accounts?

Why is it that you make more with credit accounts?Now that you’re in the sportsbook business, it’s important that you keep an eye out for ways to keep improving and maximizing your profit. It’s true, the sports betting industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the world, and once you’re well set up and running your operation, the chances are you will be successful and make good money. But there are a thousand different ways to run your business, and even though none of them are wrong, there are some that have proven to give you a better edge.

Credit is one of those tools that, not only in sports betting, but in many different industries in the world, if not all, has proven, once and again, that it’s highly successful. Why? Different reasons, of course, and this is up for a lot deeper debate, but credit gives people options, it gives the feeling of a certain status, it gives you time to pay your things, and in the case of gambling, it involves the sense of winning.

You’re letting your players have certain amount of money to start every single week, and of course, if you’re a player, you’re not thinking you’re going to lose that money, you’re thinking you’re going to win your bets and make a lot of money out of that amount.

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Updates on the New Enhanced NFL Schedule

Just this week, NFL owners have voted on an enhanced schedule for the upcoming NFL season. These new measures will see a 17 regular-season games for each team. This is one game per team higher than the previous season. Many sportsbook pay per head bookies are already getting ready for the NFL with the upcoming draft and the current free agency.

For those who are still looking at bookie pay per head reviews, we suggest that you start finalizing your selection so you can get early access to profits from NFL betting. While still a long time away, there are many wagers to make on the country’s most popular sport.

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Iowa Sports Betting Achieves Daily Record in February

Iowa Sports Betting Achieves Daily Record in February

Iowa sports betting achieves daily record after the government allowed players to register online through their computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Thus, the state reached a handle record of $149 million in January. 
February’s handle was slightly lower at $143 million. However, it was understandable considering it had 28 days. Also, $125 million came from online sportsbooks. According to bookie pay per head reports, $16 million came from bets on the Super Bowl. It achieved an event record since sports betting became legal in the state. 
Iowa is an excellent example of the ineffectiveness of registering in-person. By removing the requirement, Iowa increased the number of people wagering on sports. Iowa first reached the $100 million mark in December. 

Iowa Sports Betting Achieves Daily Record

Football bettors had only the Super Bowl to wager on. However, the flat month-on-month results are misleading. It would be best to investigate it deeply to find out why the number is a fantastic feat. 

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MLB Spring Training started and here’s a few things to know

MLB Spring Training started and here’s a few things to knowThe day has finally come for all MLB fans from around the world, as activity for the 2021 season started this Sunday, February 28th, with the very first games of Spring Training. It’s been a long wait since last October, but it’s all good news around the MLB right now, as it appears that we will have a full, normal season, just like the good old pre-Covid times.

There were talks about a possible season delay a few weeks ago, that would have changed everything, but the league and the MLBPA never came to an agreement, so everything stays as planned. Spring Training is underway, and games will be taking place all the way until March 30th, then there will be one day for rest, and the 2021 MLB season will officially start on April 1st.

The Cactus League teams will play a total of 28 games in 30 days, and the Grapefruit League teams will go for either 24, or 28 games, that haven't been officially decided yet.

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Live Betting the NBA

Live Betting the NBAAfter football season, betting action heats up in the NBA. It’s one of the more popular sports for bettors and not just the standard moneyline, spread, and totals bets.

NBA bettors love the sheer amount of bets on a single game. Players can choose from all sorts of player and team props in addition to the more traditional bets.

The latest trend that has hooked NBA bettors is live betting. Bettors can place wagers after a game has started on all sorts of bets. Odds will adjust in real time depending upon how a game is playing out. Many sportsbooks will update odds after a made or missed basket.

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Indiana’s Gambling Handle Record Streak Ends

Indiana’s gambling handle, specifically its sports betting handle, has been setting and breaking records for the past 5 months. But this streak ends in February, as the betting handle is 21.4% lower than January 2021’s handle. Many sports handicapping sites are spouting off a lot of picks for upcoming games, so there is hope that this is just a temporary fluke.

The Indiana sports betting handle for the month of February is at $273.9 million. This is lower than the state’s previous month (and highest handle) of $348.2 million. Unfortunately, the betting handle is not just the only declining number in the latest gambling numbers.

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Updates on Huge Super Bowl Bets

Updates on Huge Super Bowl Bets

On Sunday, the players on the winning team will earn around $130,000 each as a bonus. Also, several bettors would earn millions if Tampa Bay doesn't lose by more than three points. Several huge Super Bowl bets made headlines before the big event.  
According to a sports betting software company, an anonymous player wagered $2.3 million on the Bucs +3.5. The player used the BetMGM app in Nevada. MGM Resorts said that it was the company's biggest wager to date. 
It was not only a six-figure wager made on the Super Bowl. Mattress Mack bet $3.46 million on Tampa Bay. The infamous gambler became known for his seven-figure wagers on sports events. Also, MGM received inquiries about other huge bets. 

Huge Super Bowl Bets

According to a sportsbook pay per head, the casual player would wager around $20. However, some fans would put thousands of dollars on the Super Bowl. Then there are the high rollers who use a mobile app to place a $2.3 million wager. 

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