LeBron James’ Son Bronny James May Rank High in Draft

LeBron James’ Son Bronny James May Rank High in Draft

When it comes to sports handicapping news, the NBA is one of the most-read about updates. And aside from wagers on games, offering betting lines on events like the Draft is also widely popular. And the 2024 NBA Draft, far as it is still, is already starting to make news. Some sports news analysts have made a mock draft on the 2024 NBA Draft. Why? Because Bronny James, officially known as LeBron James Jr., will be joining the draft by then. And according to some, he may be the Orlando Magic’s top choice in 2024.

It is unlikely that you will see odds on this as early as now, especially since there will be another Draft this year before then. But when you manage a per head sportsbook business, you need to know anything you can about a sport. Especially for the NBA, which is one of the most popular sports  leagues in the country.


LeBron James’ Son Bronny James Will Play Together

LeBron James’ Son Bronny James May Rank High in DraftThe Draft for Bronny’s batch will not be for another 16 months, but we are already seeing interest in the young athlete. He is the 2023’s top uncommitted player. He started out last year as 47 overall, has climbed to 33 overall. Bronny aims to announce his college choice after his senior year. Again, wagers are on Southern California, Oregon, and Ohio State. The rules in the NBA says that he cannot apply for the Draft until he is a year out of high school, so he may even skip school altogether and just prepare for the NBA.

Now, why is this exciting? Why is it more exciting than the latest races featured in recent auto racing news? This is because previously, LeBron has said that he would like to play in the same team with his son. So whoever gets to draft Bronny will have the opportunity to hire LeBron James to see a father and son duo play in the league.


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