What to Expect (and Bet on) in the NBA All Star Weekend

What to Expect (and Bet on) in the NBA All Star Weekend

Last updated on February 17th, 2024 at 10:29 pm

As with most events like this, betting on the NBA All Star comes with its own set of risks. You have two newly formed teams facing off, so you have no other data to rely on other than personal stats. There are no match up histories and more. As challenging as it is, it is also amazingly entertaining to watch, and bet on. A lot of bookies who use a good software sportsbook service earn well from events like this, so you need to keep track of the latest updates on one of the most exciting games in the NBA like the NBA All Star Weekend.

Aside from the game itself, there are other mini-events throughout the weekend that will you can earn from. When you start a sportsbook business, make sure you get a good software provider. This is important because you want to be able to offer a much as you can in terms of quality and variety of betting options on the All Star Weekend.

NBA All Star Weekend

What to Expect (and Bet on) in the NBA All Star WeekendFor the NBA All Star weekend, you have the Skills Challenge where your favorite players get to show off their flashy moves and still prove themselves worthy of being some of the best players in the league- in style of course. One of the busiest wagers we are seeing is the one-on-one 3-point shootout with Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu.

The three-point contest is also fun, with the likes of Tyrese Haliburton joining in. Malike Beasley is also a popular bet in sportsbooks. If you are wanting to put up your own online sportsbook to earn from these wagers, these bookie pay per head reviews should help you get started.

Meanwhile, you do have the dunk contest as well, where Mac McClung and Jaylen Brown getting a lot of wagers in their favor. Lastly, you have the All Star game. This is challenging since you have two new rosters of superstars and have no idea how they will play together. The totals are around 364.5, higher than usual- but its safer to go lower for this wager. Then you can also bet on who wins who is the All Star MVP, and a few other fun prop bets you can make to earn money from.


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