Guide to College Basketball Player Prop Bets

Guide to College Basketball Player Prop Bets

If you’re a big College basketball fan and gambler, college basketball player prop betting may be for you. However, before you start betting on prop, you do need to have some idea of what these bets are all about. This is because there are numerous college basketball player prop bets available making it difficult to understand. Therefore, our Guide to College Basketball Player Prop Bets will help you understand them and how to bet on them.

Before we start, bettors should be sure they understand the different types of prop bets and how the odds work. While it may seem difficult, they are actually very simple once you understand the basic. Furthermore, the average basketball betting fan can find some success in betting basketball player props fairly quickly.

On the other hand, NCAA basketball prop bets are an essential part of any sportsbooks. Especially with NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as they make a large part of the basketball wagers. Therefore, it is essential for bookies to Prepare their Sportsbook for March Madness and include NCAA player prop bets.

What is a College Basketball Player Prop Bet?

What is a College Basketball Player Prop Bet?Traditional NCAA Basketball bettors bet more on moneylines, spreads, and totals. However, the rise of daily college fantasy games has helped to increase the number of bettors wagering on player props.

A college player prop bet is a wager on a specific player’s performance. It may be scoring, rebounding, or even combinations of different individual statistics. A player prop bet has nothing to do with the outcome of a game. It is solely based on a player’s performance.

Basketball player props have a greater impact on a game compared to college basketball player props. There are only five players on a KBL team and one player’s performance can greatly impact a game. Bettors like that kind of action.

Guide to College Basketball Player Prop Bet Example – Points Scored

The most popular basketball player prop bet is scoring. You can bet either side of a listed player’s point total. Take the following example using Zach Edey of Purdue.

Zach Edey – Points Scored

  • Over 27.5 (+105)
  • Under 27.5 (-115)

If you believe Edey will score 28 or more points, you can wager $100 and win $105 if he surpasses the total. If you think he’ll score 27 or less, you can wager $115 to win $100 if Song goes for 27 or fewer.

That’s it. Whether a team wins or loses has no bearing on this bet. It’s only about Edey’s individual performance. If Edey is playing against the worst defense in the NCAAB, you may like the Over. That’s one of the advantages to betting an NCAA Basketball player prop.

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Other Categories of Player Prop Bets

Guide to College Basketball Player Prop BetsRebound prop bets aren’t as popular as point prop bets. The rebounding category is frequently dominated by big men. In today’s modern game, the less traditional big man like Hunter Dickinson will typically be among the rebounding choices on a given night.

It’s the same with the assist category. While not as popular as the points prop, smart bettors can find value on certain players and their assist totals. Pairing these type bets can diversify your sports betting strategies.

The rebound and assist props work just like the points prop. Bettors will wager on whether a player’s total rebounds or assists will go Over or Under a total set by oddsmakers.

There are other unique prop markets where bettors can combine statistics. For example, you can combine points and assists or points and rebounds. Top basketball betting sites have daily odds for these props. One of the more popular combination prop bets is PRA, or points, rebounds, and assists.

Here, the bettor is wagering on the combined total of a player’s points, rebounds, and assists. If Dickinson records 28 points, nine rebounds, and four assists; his PRA total is 41. If Dickinson’s PRA player prop total is 40.5, anyone that bet the Over is a winner.

Basketball player prop bettors can also bet on things like a player recording a double-double or even a triple-double. It’s a simple Yes/No wager at many sportsbooks.

Double-doubles can be points and rebounds, points and assists, or even rebounds and blocked shots. It’s the same for triple-doubles.  For Duke betting fans, Kyle Filipowski will come to mind, as he often achieves both double-doubles and triple-doubles.

Why Bet on College Basketball Player Props

As mentioned, one player can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of a basketball game since there are only five players on a team. When you place a full-game bet, you have to take into account a number of other factors (like the other nine players on the floor).

With a basketball player prop like scoring, you are concerned with just that one player and whoever defends him. The example with Dickinson Over 27.5 points really only concerns Song and the player (or players) defending him. We don’t have to worry about the other eight players.

The other thing is that the prop bet can be decided long before the game is over. Dickinson could go off for 28 points by the end of the third quarter. You have a winning bet even though the game isn’t over.

Plus, according to bookie pay per head experts, bookies are more concerned with their larger markets – point spreads, for example. They spend less time with player props, which leaves some opportunity for smart bettors. Maybe there are particular niches you follow in the KBL. Maybe you spend time researching KBL rookie of the year candidates. There’s a bet for that.

Gambling Strategies for Basketball Player Prop Wagers

There is nothing more important in betting basketball player props than doing the research. If Dickinson is going up against the best defensive team in the league, that should be taken into account. Furthermore, the same goes for Song playing against the worst team in the league. However, you will not know that unless you do the work.

Do the research and put the time in to come up with the best basketball player prop. Matchups are one of the biggest determinants when it comes to prop bets.

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