9DollarperHead.com Bookie Pay Per Head Review

9DollarperHead.com Bookie Pay Per Head Review

This 9DollarPerHead.com Bookie Pay Per Head review will guide you through their features and services, illustrating why they stand out in the competitive realm of sportsbook management. From seamless registration processes and innovative software capabilities to an overview of their exceptional customer service, understand what makes 9DollarPerHead.com a premier choice for bookies aiming to elevate their sports betting operations.

In the rapidly evolving world of sports betting, 9DollarPerHead.com emerges as a leading provider in bookie pay per head services, offering an all-encompassing solution for online sportsbook agents and bookies globally. Their commitment shines through their state-of-the-art sports call center and unwavering dedication to data security and customer support have garnered them positive pay per head reviews.

9DollarPerHead.com General Info:

  • Price Per Player: $5 or less
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Inception: 2012
  • Email: cs@9dollarperhead.com
  • Telephone: 1-866-500-4847
  • Website: 9DollarPerHead.com
  • Software: DGS
  • Ranking: 9.5/10

Features Pay Per Head Service

  • Sports Betting Software
  • Casino Platform
  • Live Betting Platform
  • Banking System
  • Bonuses and Promos System
  • Player Management System
  • Retail Software
  • Racebook

9DollarPerHead.com Bookie Pay Per Head Review

Embarking on your journey with 9DollarPerHead.com is streamlined and user-friendly, ensuring you can quickly transition into the role of a bookie with minimal hassle. Here’s a breakdown of the registration process with the bookie pay per head provider.


Registering with 9DollarPerHead.com

This registration process is designed to be straightforward, requiring minimal personal data, thus safeguarding your privacy and ensuring a swift setup. With the added advantage of no initial deposit and a two-week free trial, 9DollarPerHead.com is an accessible and enticing option for aspiring bookies.

  • Navigate to the registration page on 9DollarPerHead.com.
  • Input your chosen Username
  • Provide your Email address and confirm it
  • Create a secure Password and confirm it.
  • Tick the corresponding box if you want to be a Distributor (If you want to have agents)
  • Consent to receiving emails from 9DollarPerHead.com for updates and offers.

Start your journey as a successful bookie with 9DollarPerHead.com today!


Sportsbook Software Review of 9DollarPerHead.com


9DollarPerHead.com has the best bookie software based on the DGS platform. It allows you to customize players’ limits and manage lines in real time via the dashboard. There is no need to call the provider to change the settings of the sportsbook pay per head platform.The dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive. Thus, no tutorial is required. In addition, customer service is available 24/7. You can contact the PPH provider if you have issues with the software.

9DollarPerHead.com PPH Rating: 9.5

Why 9DollarPerHead.com Received this Rating

The rating for 9DollarPerHead.com is influenced by several key factors that cater to the needs of bookies and sports betting enthusiasts. These factors include:

  • Accessibility and Support:
    • 24/7 Telephone Support: Access to support personnel anytime provides users with peace of mind and immediate assistance for any issues.
    • Mobile Accessibility: The platform’s mobile-friendly design ensures that users can manage their accounts and place bets conveniently from anywhere, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Pricing and Billing:
    • Competitive Pricing: Starting at $5 or less per player, with a free two-week trial, offers an affordable entry point for new bookies.
    • Billing Efficiency: The platform’s billing policy only applies to active bettors, which helps manage operational costs more effectively by avoiding unnecessary charges for inactive accounts.

These aspects collectively contribute to the platform’s rating, highlighting its commitment to providing a comprehensive, user-friendly, cost-effective solution for bookies and their clients.

Become a bookie with 9DollarPerHead.com today!

9DollarPerHead.com Bookie Pay Per Head Provider