Miami Dolphins Win Black Friday Game

Miami Dolphins Win Black Friday Game

One of the busiest days for those into sports betting would be Thanksgiving weekend. Due to the holidays, a lot of sports leagues try to offer more entertaining match ups to fans during this weekend. And when it comes to exciting sports, the NFL never fails to deliver. Good thing that bookies use a sportsbook pay per head service to manage the many betting action that surely takes place during this weekend. And one of the popular games in sportsbooks was the game where the Miami Dolphins win against the New York Jets in the first Black Friday game in the league.

In case you missed the latest in sports handicapping news, the Dolphins are now 8-3 after beating the Jets 34-13 at the MetLife Stadium, no less. The Dolphins pretty much led the game up to midway of the second quarter, leading by 10-0. But the Jets were trying to break that, and with the help of a few pick-sixes, plus a 99-yard return by Jevon Holland just before the clock ended, they managed to score. They managed to end the first half of the game by 17-6.

As a bookie, you need to remember that you not only look at the final score of the game. In-play betting and live betting are both very popular nowadays and there are a lot of bettors who look at betting on first half and second half scores in the NFL. Your bookie pay per head software offers a wide variety of betting options on the NFL.

Miami Dolphins Win Black Friday GameMiami Dolphins Win and Dominate Game

The Dolphins were able to get past the struggle from the Jets’ offense early in the game. The second half was smoother for Miami. A flashy rushing touchdown by Raheem Mostert to end a 15-play drive that traveled 92 yards was a sight to behold. The Jets did try to make their own double-digit play, and was finally able to enter the red zone for the first time during the game. But the Dolphins were able to thwart that impose their dominance all the way to the end of the game.

Despite the efforts of the Jets, and a new Quarterback switch from Zach Wilson to Tim Boyle, the strategy was not effective. The Jets were still playing with their same old offense, which prevented them from sustaining drives. It simply was not good enough for the battering ram that the Dolphins are.


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