Taylor Rogers disappointed

Giants pitcher Taylor Rogers disappointed after the game with the Dodgers- Bookies reported

During the San Francisco Giants’ 10-5 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday night, pitcher Taylor Rogers disappointed threw his glove in the trash in frustration.

Rogers had every reason to throw the glove away, you can find all the details here in GetSportsMedia.org and why he felt disappointed.

He came into the game as a relief pitcher for Scott Alexander to start the sixth, but he wouldn’t make it out of the inning, He wouldn’t even record an out.

At the start of the inning, Rogers walked four consecutive batters – Trayce Thompson, Chris Taylor, Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman. 

He was taken out of the game without recording a single out, but he was still responsible for the runners on base, this is when the Dodgers’ offense took control of the game.

The Dodgers left the Giants behind and Taylor Rogers disappointed

Taylor Rogers dodgers giants

In the sixth inning, the Dodgers scored five runs, taking the lead and securing their lead in the whole game.

Rogers was hit for four runs without giving up a single hit, leading to his frustration. He threw his glove into the bin and slapped his hand on his jacket a few times in disappointment.

Following the game, Giants manager Gabe Kapler commented on Rogers’ performance, stating that he is struggling to consistently find the strike zone. 

Kapler and bookies acknowledged that it was a tough outing for Rogers, as he had difficulty throwing strikes, this news is important to know how to bet correctly and to becoming an online bookie with great success.

Despite this, Kapler noted that Freeman’s strong at-bat forced Rogers to throw in the zone repeatedly, but unfortunately, he was unable to finish the inning successfully.

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