High Stake Poker Pros Boycott New GGPoker Rake System

High Stake Poker Pros Boycott New GGPoker Rake System

Last updated on April 9th, 2023 at 03:49 am

GGPoker grew at a steady rate over the last couple of years. It kept improving its games, developing innovations, and offering attractive promos and rewards. However, the GGPoker rake system has always been higher than its competitors.

Although the higher rake does not bother casual players, its latest update led to a boycott from high stake poker pros. An authority on white label sportsbook claims that GGPoker’s 25/50+ games will be abandoned by the high-stakes community.

Boycott GGPoker Rake System

High Stake Poker Pros Boycott New GGPoker Rake SystemDue to the boycott, high-stakes tables are down to one. Thus, it confirmed that the boycott was working. According to bookie pay per head reviews and news sites, the group comprises 90 poker pros and high-stake players. They want a sustainable long-term playing environment. Also, they want an enjoyable environment for players and allow GGPoker to earn enough profits.

The large rake back offered by GGPoker was a significant point of discussion among the boycotters. This large rake back is “intended to counteract the rake,” the high rollers conceded. However, they said the statistics were inflated since “up to 60% was provided in the client.”

The boycotters claim that the rise in rake is so severe that even the best poker players have given up hope of ever beating the house. The group foresaw a dramatic drop in the number of raked hands, which might also influence casual players. The boycotting organization warned that this might lead to lower profits for GGPoker and client migration to other poker networks.

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