Iowa Sports Betting Achieves Daily Record in February

Iowa Sports Betting Achieves Daily Record in February

Last updated on August 23rd, 2021 at 01:51 pm

Iowa sports betting achieves daily record after the government allowed players to register online through their computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Thus, the state reached a handle record of $149 million in January.

February’s handle was slightly lower at $143 million. However, it was understandable considering it had 28 days. Also, $125 million came from online sportsbooks. According to bookie pay per head reports, $16 million came from bets on the Super Bowl. It achieved an event record since sports betting became legal in the state.

Iowa is an excellent example of the ineffectiveness of registering in-person. By removing the requirement, Iowa increased the number of people wagering on sports. Iowa first reached the $100 million mark in December.

Iowa Sports Betting Achieves Daily Record

Iowa Sports Betting Achieves Daily Record in FebruaryFootball bettors had only the Super Bowl to wager on. However, the flat month-on-month results are misleading. It would be best to investigate it deeply to find out why the number is a fantastic feat.

Iowa is one of the states with a mature sports betting market. However, it can’t achieve its record numbers with the in-person registration requirement. Iowa removed the requirement on January 1. Since then, sportsbooks signed partnerships with casinos and increased their marketing campaigns in the state.

One way on how to start a sportsbook in Iowa is to partner with one of the licensed casinos in the state. Also, Iowa is showing indications of reaching a plateau in the handle. The state made registering for an account more convenient by removing the in-person requirement.

Iowa’s fiscal year started last July 1. Since then, the state got $712 million in sports bets. $546 million came from online wagers. Also, $166 million came from in-person wagers. Thus, when learning how to be a bookie, you should consider launching an online sportsbook.