Start Getting Your Business Ready for Football Season

Start Getting Your Business Ready for Football SeasonMajor American sports leagues are finally coming back! The MLS was first, kicking of with their MLS is Back Tournament in Orlando, MLB was the next one to make our dreams come true, starting on July 23rd, WNBA was next, just a couple of days after, NBA is starting in July 30th and of course, we’re all waiting for September 10th, which is the scheduled date for NFL kickoff. This is good news for everyone, fans, teams and sportsbooks, needless to say, and we’re all just pretty excited.

If you own a bookie business, we’re sure these are quite exciting times for you, finally being able to get some good action and increasing your volume, hoping everything will go back to normal, and it will, little by little. However, we all know how important football season is for any bookie in general, and this is just the best time for you to start rebuilding and getting your business ready for what we’re all waiting for.

Price per Head for better odds and margins during NFL season

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Tips on Keeping Sports Betting Players Happy

Tips on Keeping Sports Betting Players HappyStarting a bookie business is about maintaining a quality sports betting platform. Also, it is about keeping sports betting players happy. When customers are satisfied, they go back to your sportsbook. They also have the chance to become loyal ones.

It is more expensive to find new players than to retain them. Thus, it is vital to do your best to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. However, it is not easy to do. The good news is that we provide some tips to help make the task easier.

Keep in mind that satisfying players require consistency. Also, you need to invest some time and effort. There are no shortcuts in ensuring the happiness of your customers.

Keeping Sports Betting Players Happy

There no cookie-cutter process to keep sports betting players happy. The key to customer's happiness is a combination of several factors. One thing that works with some bookies might not work with your sportsbook.

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Best Online Betting Software Bookies Require for Consistent Revenue

Best Online Betting Software Bookies Require for Consistent RevenueBookies that wish to increase their sportsbook betting revenue must look no further than PayPerHead. The pph sportsbook offers a top in class online betting software.

To offer online sports betting, bookies need great software

What constitutes excellent bookie software?

Technology has changed every industry. The sportsbook industry is no different.

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Become a professional Bookie


Have you ever thought of becoming or wanted to become a bookie? Probably you are a gambler and you are tired of the losses! Gambling on sports is a lot of fun and the wins are exhilarating, the losses are devastating and can be downright crushing. If you are tired of the research, tired of spending money on people to tell you what to gamble on, and tired of the losses, then it may be time to jump in the bookmaking ring. Why not take what you know about gambling to the next level and start earning a consistent income from other people's losses? Turn 2020 around and start earning huge with a pay per head.

· If you have wanted or have been thinking of becoming a bookie but don’t know how to go about it, we have a few tips to steer you in the right direction.


· Don’t go this process alone and whatever you do, do not start your website! Building a gaming website is extremely expensive and complicated. If you are going to start your website, you must know site building, programming, knowing code is a must along with a lot of money to spend. Gaming websites are complicated, expensive, and they require a whole lot of upkeep.

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Where is the real money out there

Now that sports are finally coming back after a few months of forced stop, it’s time for all bookies in the world to sit down and take a good look at their business. Things have definitely changed quite a bit in the past 3 or 4 months, we live in a new reality that requires adaptation and evolution, but also a new reality that brings big opportunity for everyone out there who is willing to open their horizons and look beyond what we were used to.

The question everyone is asking right now is, where is the real money out there? What is it that I must do as a bookie to stand out and make my way right back to the top after this Covid-19 pandemic? As always, there is no one unique and correct answer for this question, and each case may require different trains of thoughts, but in the sports betting business, the best option you can turn to right now is Price per Head.

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Football will start at some point, be ready!


Football will start at some point, be ready!January was a very long time ago or so it seems! We know it wasn’t that long ago, however, it seems like another lifetime. This year has been so very weird and so many things have not gone according to anybody’s master plan.  We all thought we would be well into the baseball season and that we would know who the reigning NHL, NBA, and NCAA champions for 2020 are! Instead, we are now getting ready for the NHL, NBA, and MLB seasons to start. This is great news; we have something to look forward to and we know the gamblers are ready. They are especially ready for football. The season is around the corner. Are you prepared?

Take your business online right now with Realbookies betting software. You can do it for free and you will even get a free, custom-built website. The website is state-of-the-art, and it features everything you need to be successful in the gaming business. Not only do you need a great sportsbook for this upcoming football season, but you also need a fantastic casino and racebook. Now you can have all three for free. You will pay nothing for three great services. All you pay for is the weekly per head charge – a nominal fee of around $7 per head.

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What’s the first step to getting your business back on track?

What’s the first step to getting your business back on track?COVID-19 has taken its toll on much more than the betting industry but the good news, the tide is turning. Major sports are either back or have a plan in place to get back in short order. The business has taken a hit, there is no doubt about that, however, there is an upside. Esports has seen a huge uptick in activity and the online casino business is booming. There is one and only one way in which to recoup from this mess and fast; GET ONLINE NOW!

With or without COVID-19, you must have an online presence if you care about your future, your client's loyalty, and earning a fantastic income from this gig you call work. The bookie business is fun, but it can also be a daunting business. As a bookie, you have many daily tasks. You must also make sure the money is on point and know exactly where each player stands. You must know who is beating you, who is losing, and who is not playing.

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Looking for bookie services?

Looking for bookie services?You have come to the right place and we can give you the skinny. There are more than a few things to look out for when signing up. What are the things you have always wanted to know about a pay per head? As far as were are concerned, a PPH is the ONLY bookie service to have if you want to earn a fantastic income while counting the cost of doing business in an expensive world.

Don’t let COVID discourage your efforts. Gamblers will always be gamblers and they are still gambling. Offer it and they will come! We can go on and on with the clichés, but this is not a cliché, this is true and we want to tell you, you can be earning a fantastic income right now with a great bookie service known as a pay per head.

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Turning your passion into a profitable business

Your Business on Track

Do you love sports? Are you one of those people who truly enjoy the excitement and adrenaline of a good sports weekend? One of those where you can start off your Friday with NBA, then move on to college football all Saturday and a Spanish “Clasico” in the afternoon, just to top it off with 11 NFL games on Sunday.

This is a dream come true for many, and we get to live it week after week, when the season is right. And make no mistake, these are different times, we all know that, but sports will come back, and we’ll be able to enjoy them just as much, in a few weeks or months.

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