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Gambling ReviewsLooking for a good gambling website but don't know which one to choose?  No problem because our gambling reviews will help you decided which gambling.  Our staff of professional gamblers are constantly reviewing gambling websites to give you real information about a specific gambling website.  They actually go undercover as normal players to see the type of services they get from these comanies.

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We give you honest reviews on sportsbooks, online casinos, live dealer casinos and racebooks.  In addition, we also reviews gambling providers and services like sportsbook pay per head reviews, gambling software reviews and much more!

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Discount Pay Per Head Review


Our Bookie Pay Per Head Reviews feature the best and the most promising of the various sportsbook pay per head providers. Occasionally, we will come across some sites that we would not recommend to our readers. And with so many of these companies, sometimes they all blur into the same site. But every once in a while, we'd come across a provider that will stand out. And even through Discount Pay Per Head has been in business for only less than 5 years, we are impressed with what they have built for themselves.

Discount Pay Per Head, from the outside, looks like any standard sportsbook pay per head provider. And since they currently are offering a free two week trial, we decided to go ahead and test their software out. Since they are a new player in the business, many people may not want to do business with them. But that's what reviews like these are for, to help validate the claims of each provider. 

Read more: Discount Pay Per Head Review Pay Per Head Review is one of the leading bookie pay per head providers in the market today. They initially started with a smaller scale operations, offering sports betting software in Asian markets like South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, China and Japan. They have grown into an international provider that offers action on international sports events. 

Right now, we will be taking a look at them in our latest in bookie pay per head reviews. What makes Sports Betting Solution Asia one of the most popular providers in the market? 

We'll take a look at their features, their reliability, their price, and the actual software itself. actually offers a pretty complete set of services for those who want to learn how to be a bookie. So, we will now see if what they offer is of good quality. 

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When we do our Bookie Pay Per Head Reviews, we always try to be inclusive and offer reviews from both established and newer PPH providers. When we were looking at up and coming PPH sites, we took notice of Easy Pay Per Head. 
Easy Pay Per Head is a sportsbook software provider that is created by industry experts who have joined together to build the pay per head software that they themselves would want to use. With a combined 40 years of experience, you have sports betting experts and tech industry experts who created the site. They were formed back in 2016, and were open by invitation soon after, but only became open to the public mid-2019. 
As with new sites, reliability will always be the question. So far, they have been officially open for over half a year, and we have not seen any complaints so far. The best way for us to see if they are worth your time, is to try them out ourselves.

Read more: Review Pay Per Head Review Pay Per Head ReviewWhat makes PayPerHead different from other PPH providers? For starters, PayPerHead is one of the oldest per head companies in existence. In our PPH review, we study whether the per head organization delivers value for the price.

The leading PayPerHead company has come a long way since 1997. On their website, they claim to provide sports betting tech services to 75,000 bookie agents. 

PayPerHead also claims to have the best bookie software available. We take a closer look at why the PPH company believes it’s the leader in providing bookmaking software solutions.

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What makes Pay Per Head King different from other PPH providers out there? For one, it is relatively new to the online market despite being in the business since 2016. Our PPH review will find out whether the provider gives excellent value for your money. 
Although the PPH solution is not perfect, it has all the features and tools you expect from a sports betting platform. They came a long way since providing betting software to startups and private companies in Costa Rica
In 2019, PayPerHeadKing started their online presence. Also, they opened their business to bookies from all over the globe. As such, we looked at the reasons why they claim to have the best betting software today.

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Youwager Sportsbook Review

Youwager Sportsbook ReviewYouwager is one of the popular sportsbooks today. It upgraded its sports betting platform throughout the years. In our Youwager sportsbook review, we will cover everything about the sports wagering platform, including its player prop site.

Its betting software got mixed reviews from players through its history. The good news is that it became a better option for sports bettors today. Its parent company is First Fidelity Corporation, which is part of Business Management International.

It has offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, with more than 200 employees. Youwager accepts players from the US and other parts of the world. Also, it operates a sister sportsbook known as BetPop. One thing we didn’t like about the sportsbook is its unintuitive layout.

Read more: Youwager Sportsbook Review PPH Review PPH ReviewWhen you visit, you know right away that you’re dealing with a professional PPH provider. In fact, most bookie pay per head reviews agree that has high-quality sportsbook software and responsive customer service. 
The bookie pay per head provider has been around since 2012. It is during the time of the rise in popularity of PPH solutions among bookies. Although it is not a pioneer in the industry, it brought many innovations that improved its efficiency and quality throughout the years. 
This pay per head review will look at the software, customer service, and overall experience of using We’ll take a closer look at its pros and cons that can help you come up with the right decision. 

Read more: PPH Review Sportsbook Review is one of the best secrets in the sportsbook industry. a lot of PPH bookie experts started out betting in sites like They have been in business for over 25 years. And even if they are not as well known, or mainstream, as the other sites, they do enjoy steady stream of loyal sports bettors. Let's see why they have a cult following-level of bettors and what makes them stay betting in their site.

As one of the pioneers in the sports betting industry, has the advantage of knowing what the betting market wants. This is why, when you join, you will see a wide assortment of sports games from around the world. So if you want to bet on basketball, you will see that aside from the NBA, you can also bet on different international basketball leagues. 

We'll take a look at the other details and features they have so we can see if they are good only because of the quantity of betting options, or if they also offer quality sports betting service.

When you create a sportsbook website, you always want to give your players a wide variety of betting options. With, we already know that they have that. But when took a closer look at the site, we do like what we see. For one, the site loads fast and their security measures point towards a safe site to use. If one is still hesitant to connect their financial info, or if you enjoy your privacy, they have options for you as well. They have a surprisingly good cryptocurrency payout option, with a few currencies available. If you are more traditional, they do have the standard payment channels you can choose form as well. 

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When you visit the website, you can notice right away that there’s nothing special about the price per head provider. It is average on every aspect. It is surprising that it managed to survive in a competitive market for almost a decade. So, let’s get right to the PPH review. is part of the RDG Corp network. Although they claim to be in business since 2005, they registered their website in 2011. They offer both online and phone betting. However, most PPH providers offer this feature as well. 
It claims to be a one-stop shop for pay per player services. However, it is hard to determine that by visiting their website. You need to reach out to their customer service staff first to learn more about what they have to offer. 

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