Bookmaker Services

Bookmaker Services is one of those easy to use PPH services that every bookie has on their wish list. This one is a hidden gem and we are more than happy to let you know why they are worthy of your time. No matter if you happen to be an agent or a bookie, these guys come loaded with the works and they will make your players feel as if they are playing on a “big time” site.


  • What every bookie wants in a PPH is smooth, easy, a fantastic user interface and a sportsbook that will not fail before a big game or event. We review dozens and dozens of PPH providers, and we know when we have a winner. comes through with 99.9% “uptime”, they offer a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the United States, and they charge a fair price starting at $5 per head, per week.


  • has made its mark since 2013 with some of the best gambling software available (DGS). The price point is generous and starts at $5 per head. As mentioned, these folks believe in the best customer service and they provide it with a 9.8 out of 10 ratings.


  • is your number one source for a fantastic online sportsbook. They offer all of the bells and whistles such as live wagering, dynamic wagering, the best lines and odds that are set daily for you. You also get a world-class racebook with more than 75-tracks that pay “real-time” odds. Also, they offer a live casino with the latest in slot play, table games, and live dealers.


  • Your players will love the ability to call in their bets, place their bets online, and make use of a fantastic mobile app. Should you be a bookie that’s looking to offer your players a bonus – you’re in luck with They offer this integrated service. This is a great feature that allows you to operate through the software accounting system and not through the old-fashioned system – pen and paper!


  • will not ask you for personal information, they will not haggle you, hassle you or sell your email address. They may not ask for your email address. They require next to nothing.


  • The current offer is a two-week free trial, at the end of the two-weeks you can stay and pay to continue, or you can bow out if they are not your cup of tea. The beauty of the Payperhead registration process, it’s automated. You will be walked-through online quickly and easily and will be done in minutes. What you get are a username and password and then it’s off to the races to get your clients on board.


  • com makes payments with PayPal, Bitcoin, Person to Person, Bank wire and more. You will never have issues paying or finding a payment method that suits you.


  • has it nailed. These guys have the best user interface and the easiest to read lines and odds in the industry. Your clients will love what they see and better yet, they will love the Las Vegas-style casino. The menus are easy to navigate, the wagering platform in the sportsbook is simple but state-of-the-art, and you will indeed look like a pro in front of your players.


  • does everything for the bookie. We often say, “the public has no idea”. Many folks get the idea that bookies run around with stacks of cash all day doing nothing. You know this to be false. Payperhead247.comgets it, they understand you need a support system and they have put a fantastic one in place.


  • Players will love the competitive lines, they will love the idea of building their proposition wagers, and they will never leave your site! This is a good thing. You need loyalty. You will find a new-found loyalty on more than a few levels and it all starts with the sportsbook and casino. The racebook is a great tool in your arsenal as well.


In today’s competitive world of online gaming, stands out in the crowd. There are more than a few great PPH providers, however, the quality of service that you get, compared to the price you pay at, makes this PPH a more than worthy option.

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