Pay Per Head Review

Discount Pay Per Head Review

Last updated on August 23rd, 2021 at 09:11 pm

Our Bookie Pay Per Head Reviews feature the best and the most promising of the various sportsbook pay per head providers. Occasionally, we will come across some sites that we would not recommend to our readers. And with so many of these companies, sometimes they all blur into the same site.


Discount Pay Per HeadBut every once in a while, we’d come across a provider that will stand out. And even through Discount Pay Per Head has been in business for only less than 5 years, we are impressed with what they have built for themselves.


Discount Pay Per Head, from the outside, looks like any standard sportsbook pay per head provider. And since they currently are offering a free two week trial, we decided to go ahead and test their software out. Since they are a new player in the business, many people may not want to do business with them. But that’s what reviews like these are for, to help validate the claims of each provider. General Info:

Features Pay Per Head Service

  • Sports Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Online Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Racebook
  • Create Your Own Vig
  • Mobile Wagering
  • Private Website Available PPH Review

Become a Bookie with DiscountPayPerHead.comFirst impressions matter when it comes to using a particular service. Discount Pay Per Head gave us a great first imnpression, sinc registration was very, very fast and easy.
Contrary to what other providers do, prolonging the registration process by insisting a conversation between bookies and in house sales staff can turn potential bookies off. Especially when you have the option of doing all that without talking too much or too long.

Registering with

If you want to be an online bookie, you need to know that these sites can sometimes be confusing. but, for their site, their software is pretty much direct to the point. What you need as a bookie can be found in your dashboard, and you can adjust everything as you wish.

Sportsbook Software Review of

We actually find their software refreshing. Its clean, clear, and you do not have any problems through any of the processes. No need to call them everytime you need something done. The software is easy to understand, and does the job. Its easy to adjust the limits of each of your players. You can even set your own vig or juice. PPH Rating: 8.0

Why Received this Rating

Discount Pay Per Head is a no-frills, lets-get-to-business software provider. Given the flexibility in managing your sportsbook, plus its price point at $5 a person, this is a good provider. Just because they are new, does not mean they cannot do well, because as far as we can see, they can work just as well, if not better, than the best in the market.
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