Was P. Martinez the best Latino pitcher?


Was P. Martinez the best Latino pitcher?The question that many baseball fans are asking, was Pedro Martinez the best Latino pitcher to date?  Now there are only 2 Latino in the Hall of Fame and that’s Juan Marichal and Pedro Martinez of the Dominican Republic.

Pitch for pitch and pound on pound Martinez and his statistics have him as the best pitcher from Latin America of all time for the MLB.

The 3 time CY Young trophy holder who enters the Cooperstown Hall of Fame for the MLB on Sunday had one of the most impressive and positive careers in the archives of baseball in America.

On Sunday he will join the only other Latin or Hispanic pitchers that have made it to this baseball hall of fame.

The other Hispanic players who are in the Hall, only Martinez and Marichal, R, Clemente and R. Alomar of Puerto Rico, L. Aparicio of Venezuela, R. Carew of Panama and T. Perez of Cuba are the only Latino players that were voted in by BBWAA (Baseball Writers’ Association of America.  When it comes down to who is the best Latino pitcher to date, the two top options are Marichal and Martinez.

The record for Marichal who made the All-Stars some 9 times, had an overall record of 243 wins and 142 losses, 6 seasons with 20 wins, a 2.89 ERA and completed some 242 games completing 3508 full innings and having 2,304 strikeouts. Martinez on the other had made the All- Stars 8 times with 219 wins and 100 losses and a 2.94 ERA competed 2,872 innings with 3,155 strikeouts. 

A pitcher for the Dodgers, Expos, Red Sox, Mets and Phillies Martinez won 3 SO titles and 5 ERA titles and led the Red Sox to the 2014 World Series which assisted them to their first Championship in 86 years.  Martinez made many a sportsbook a lot of money and was 1 of 8 in an online poll of the fans as to who were the 4 greatest living baseball players to date. That was an MLB promotion that was held in April and May of this 2015 and the winners were Aaron Mays as outfielders, Koufax a pitcher and Bench a catcher.

Martinez did not make that final 4, but he was chosen as 1 of the 4 best players in the history of the Red Sox franchise, along with Yastrzemski and Williams at outfield and D. Ortiz a Latino.

What give Martinez an edge over Marichal is a result of the era in which they played. Marichal was in an era dominated by pitchers from 1960 to 1975, while Martinez pitched in the steroid era between 1992 and 2009.  In a 7 year span from 1997 to 2003 Martinez won 118 games and lost 36 with an ERA of 2.20 with 1,763 SO’s in some 1,409 innings. Martinez for starting pitchers has a better adjusted ERA at 154 over Marichal at 123 for pitchers who have pitched a minimum of 1,000 innings, and with the adjusted ERA the higher is the better! 

For the fans who Bet on the MLB, the present Panamanian pitcher M. Rivera is a good candidate to challenge Martinez and Marichal as the best Latino pitcher when his time comes with his present record. He has been on the All-Star team some 13 times, with an ERA of 2.22 and the best adjusted ERA of 205 in the MLB to date, and  is the leader in all time saves with 655.

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