MLB 2015 Preseason Prediction Comparisons


2015 MLB Preseason Prediction ComparisonWhen the 2015 Major League Baseball Season kicked off some of the Media experts compiled their information and made prediction for the American League Division of the MLB as all schedules for 2015 began on April the 6th 2015.

Now that we are some 2 months into the season, we find it interesting to compare the AL predictions for the AL East, AL Central and the AL West Divisions of the American League, and what their actual win/loss records are on June 8th 2015.

Normally in the American League the parity has been uneven with the Yankees of New York, Tigers of Detroit and Red Sox of Boston normally being the big winners, but this year the 3 are having  roster and pitching rotation problems,  thus the parity in the division is divided compared to previous seasons.   

We start with the preseason prediction is the American League East with the pre April 6th 1015 predictions:

American League EAST                  June 2015 (as of 6/8/2015)

                                        W/L                            W/L

Blue Jays-Toronto:     91-71                          28-30

Red Sox-Boston:         88-74                          27-31

New York Yankees:    78-84                           32-25

Baltimore Orioles:      78-84                           26-30

Tampa Bay Rays:         66-96                           31-27

The majority of online sportsbooks predicted this AL East would have tight race this season, and the Blue Jays of Toronto would beat the Red Sox of Boston for the AL Division Title.  Yet 2 months later the Yankees have 32 wins and 25 losses, and are in the lead, while the Tampa Bay Rays run close behind with 31 wins and 27 losses, and the Blue Jays of Toronto, Red Sox of Boston are close behind the leaders at this time.

Then we move to the American League Central Division with the pre April 6th 2015 predictions:

American League CENTRAL                  June 2015 (as of 6/8/2015)

                                          W/L                            W/L

Detroit Tigers:               91-71                          30-28

Cleveland Indians:        86-76                          27-29

Kansas City Royals:       83-79                          31-23

Chicago White Sox:       78-84                          25-30

Minnesota Twins:          71-91                          33-30

In the 2014 the Royals and the Tigers were the front runners and battled for the division title, and this season the Detroit team is aging and the Royals have lost some key players. However, with 2 months into the season, they both are faring well. What’s amazing is that the Royals are leading practically in all positions categories for the upcoming 2015 All-Star Game.

American League WEST                  June 2015 (as of 6/8/2015)

                                         W/L                          W/L

Seattle Mariners:        86-76                          28-30

L.A. Angels:                  84-78                          27-31

Oakland A’s:                79-83                           32-25

Houston Astros:          76-86                           26-30

Texas Rangers:            70-92                           31-27   

In this Western Division it had been anticipated that Seattle was a most likely winner of the division, as they added Nelson Cruz and expect K. Seager to assist in the woes of R. Cano.  However as you see, at present Oakland and Texas are the front runners with Seattle, Angels and Astros following in that order.

It’s interesting that before the 2015 season starts the experts attempt to pick the League’s MVP, Cy Young Winner,  Rookie of the Year, Division Winners, the Wild Card Teams, ALCS Teams and the American League 2015 Champions, so let’s digest the predictions as watch how the season ends.

But, looking at their Predictions, they start with the AL MVP and their pick is Mike Trout, as they say he is without a doubt the best position baseball player, and he ended the last 3 seasons in the top 2 rankings through 2014, and that year was the MVP, and the youngest elected at 23, and he should be a repeat winner.  

For the AL CY Young candidate they predict Chris Sale of the White Sox who in 2013 finished 3rd in the voting ballot. Should he have close to a 2.18 ERA, which he had in 2014 and has 30 starts, he should win the award.   

The Prediction for the AL Rookie for 2015 is Rusney Castillo who just last August 2014 contracted with the Red Sox for $72 million, and if he hold his predicted statistics, and remains the starting center fielder, and stays healthy, he likely takes the award.

The teams predicted to be the AL Division winners are the Blue Jays of Toronto and the Tigers of Detroit, with the Wildcard Teams to be either the Blue Jays of Toronto or the Angels of Los Angeles.  

Then the ALCS will consist of the Mariners of Seattle and the Red Sox of Boston with the AL Champions the Mariners of Seattle. So if you Bet on Baseball at an Offshore sportsbook or other sports betting sites, remember these predictions were made before the season started, and look where the American League teams are some 2 months later.