A Bettor’s Perspective of the 2021 MLB Season


The 2021 MLB season is nearly two months old, and betting trends have been established for baseball bettors. Of course, things can still change over the next four months, but some things appear to be pretty clear.

2020 was a strange year to bet on baseball for a number of reasons. First, no fans meant little home-field advantage, and COVID-19 affected rosters seemingly every week.

Now that the 2021 MLB season is being played under more normal conditions, betting on the sport should improve. So here is a look at the current season with an angle on baseball betting.


Top Teams Playing Well

It took a while for some teams to get going, but things are starting to get turned around. Most of the preseason betting favorites to win the World Series are starting to play like contenders.

In the National League, it is the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers making a run. San Diego now owns the best record in baseball, but the Dodgers are lurking.

The Chicago White Sox were also a popular preseason pick to win the World Series in the American League. Chicago has dealt with a number of injuries but is still a team to bet on.

The New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves are really the only two preseason favorites that have yet to get going. Nevertheless, these five teams are still worth backing moving forward.

NL East Wide Open 

The National League East was expected to be a tight race this season, and things are heading in that direction. Most believed that this division would be the best in baseball, but that has not been the case.

The Atlanta Braves were +125 to win the NL East prior to the 2021 MLB season, making them the favorites. However, the New York Mets were not far behind at +190, and they currently lead the division.

The Mets are now the favorite at -125 to win the division, while the Braves are at +200. The Philadelphia Phillies are still in the mix as well at +600.


Injuries Playing Factor

One thing that has emerged as a troubling theme in 2021 is that injuries are going to occur. The league has seen a number of stars go down, and that always plays a role in betting.

Injuries affect not only single-game sports betting but also affects futures betting odds and lines. For example, Mike Trout was the AL MVP betting favorite before suffering a devastating injury.

Trying to predict injuries is an impossible task, but they will continue to occur as the season moves along. 

Still Value in Futures Bets

With just two months gone in the regulator season, this is still a great time to make a futures bet. The odds might not be as favorable as they were to begin the season, but you can still find value.

With so many tight divisional races up to this point, the odds are still favorable for many teams. However, these odds change quickly, and so it is wise to get a bet in soon.

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