MLB Spring Training started and here’s a few things to know


MLB Spring Training started and here’s a few things to knowThe day has finally come for all MLB fans from around the world, as activity for the 2021 season started this Sunday, February 28th, with the very first games of Spring Training. It’s been a long wait since last October, but it’s all good news around the MLB right now, as it appears that we will have a full, normal season, just like the good old pre-Covid times.

There were talks about a possible season delay a few weeks ago, that would have changed everything, but the league and the MLBPA never came to an agreement, so everything stays as planned. Spring Training is underway, and games will be taking place all the way until March 30th, then there will be one day for rest, and the 2021 MLB season will officially start on April 1st.

The Cactus League teams will play a total of 28 games in 30 days, and the Grapefruit League teams will go for either 24, or 28 games, that haven't been officially decided yet.

Will there be fans at the stadium during the 2021 MLB season?

This is probably one of the most important questions everyone’s making right now, and it’s important for so many reasons. Fans are dying to be able to go back and support their teams, teams are dying to be able to welcome them back, of course, but it’s also very much needed if we see the economics of it. Sports leagues in general have taken a huge blow during the past year due to the pandemic and being unable to sell tickets and have fans at their games is a big part of it.

In the end, each state’s local government is the one that decides if teams can allow fans at the stadium if it’s safe enough according to Covid-19 protocols and general safety rules. For what we saw at the end of last season, for what we saw at the Super Bowl, for what’s going on in the country right now with the vaccination process, and for what’s going on at Spring Training right now, where a certain percentage of fans is able to attend games, we can expect that there will be fans at regular season games, but it just hasn’t been made official yet by the MLB, so we’re still waiting on that.

Which are the key dates for the 2021 MLB season?

-          Regular Season: April 1st - October 3rd

-          MLB All-Star Game: July 13th at Truist Park in Atlanta

-          MLB at Firld of Dreams Game: August 12th

-          Playoffs and World Series: Schedule not official yet, but Wild Card games could take place on October 4th or 5th, and the World Series’ latest possible game, if it went to seven, would be November 3rd.

As you can see, there’s a lot still on the table and up for discussion in the MLB for the 2021 season, but the good thing is that the action has started at Payperhead247, and we now get to enjoy and gamble on our beloved baseball games. Let’s hope that, if there are any unexpected changes from now on, they are positive, we’re sure they will.