Chicago Cubs Hoping to Extend Streak

The best pay per head bookie sportsbooks are busy with upcoming baseball games, particularly that of the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are aiming to open a five-game series with a win when they will host the Miami Marlins tonight. Will the Cubs be able to squeeze in some rest to start this new series and extend their streak?

The Cubs arrived last night from New York, winning a 4-game streak. Their exciting finale ended 2-0, where Javier Baez hit a two-run homer, while Kyle Hendricks amazingly pitched 6 scoreless innings. That was Hendricks’ 7th winning start in a row.


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A Bettor’s Perspective of the 2021 MLB Season

The 2021 MLB season is nearly two months old, and betting trends have been established for baseball bettors. Of course, things can still change over the next four months, but some things appear to be pretty clear.

2020 was a strange year to bet on baseball for a number of reasons. First, no fans meant little home-field advantage, and COVID-19 affected rosters seemingly every week.

Now that the 2021 MLB season is being played under more normal conditions, betting on the sport should improve. So here is a look at the current season with an angle on baseball betting.


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White Sox hire Tony La Russa as head coach and the MLB world imploded

White Sox hire Tony La Russa as head coach and the MLB world implodedThe 2020 MLB season finished just a few days ago, the LA Dodgers haven’t even had time to properly celebrate, but the offseason is already heating up with important news coming from the Chicago White Sox headquarters. MLB legend and veteran coach Tony La Russa has been selected by the White Sox to be their new Head Coach, and we’re getting all kinds of reaction to this news.

If you have been a baseball fan for a while, you know who Tony La Russa is, however, we can't blame you if you’re a young fan and just can’t put a face on that name, there is a reason for that, and it’s the fact that he hasn’t been active on the field since 2011.

Tony La Russa is an MLB legend, as a player he was active from 10 years only, from 1963 to 1973, he played for the Kansas City Athletics, later Oakland Athletics, for the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs. However, his real legacy came afterwards, as a coach, for the Chicago White Sox from 1979 to 1986, for the Oakland Athletics from 1986 to 1995 and then for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1996 to 2011.

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MLB Spring Training started and here’s a few things to know

MLB Spring Training started and here’s a few things to knowThe day has finally come for all MLB fans from around the world, as activity for the 2021 season started this Sunday, February 28th, with the very first games of Spring Training. It’s been a long wait since last October, but it’s all good news around the MLB right now, as it appears that we will have a full, normal season, just like the good old pre-Covid times.

There were talks about a possible season delay a few weeks ago, that would have changed everything, but the league and the MLBPA never came to an agreement, so everything stays as planned. Spring Training is underway, and games will be taking place all the way until March 30th, then there will be one day for rest, and the 2021 MLB season will officially start on April 1st.

The Cactus League teams will play a total of 28 games in 30 days, and the Grapefruit League teams will go for either 24, or 28 games, that haven't been officially decided yet.

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Who Will Win the 2020 MLB AL Cy Young?


Who Will Win the 2020 MLB AL Cy Young?A year ago, Houston’s Justin Verlander overshadowed his then teammate Gerrit Cole to win the AL Cy Young award. Now that Cole is the ace of the New York Yankees staff, he is the early favorite to win the award in 2020.


With Cole off to a fast start in the truncated 60-game MLB season in 2020, is there another pitcher or two that could challenge him in the AL Cy Young race? 

The Sure Bet

There is a good reason why Cole is the +275 favorite to win this year’s AL Cy Young. The right-hander went 20-5 last season in Verlander’s shadow in Houston. Early in the 2020 season, Cole has already won his first two starts and even pitched a complete game.

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