How Gambling Has Changed

Created on Monday, 14 June 2021

How Gambling Has ChangedThe evolution of gambling is not a passing fancy, it’s here to stay. Normally we don’t tell anybody how to run their life, however, we are taking this opportunity to let you know how to earn a fantastic living as a bookmaker.

There are simple solutions, and you need to latch onto them. The pay per head industry has made the life of bookies much easier with their software solution that is more than a problem solver. The best news, this software is affordable, user friendly, and you can have it installed in a day or two.

You must stop thinking about the old and come up with a new plan for the immediate future. You can be earning a six-figure income, and you can earn it in 2021. The year is young! Gamblers are gambling now, more than ever and certainly more than before the pandemic.

Stick around, lend us 5 minutes - find out why the PPH.

  • A betting platform is a software that’s being provided by a pay per head provider for the bookies use. The software is an online sportsbook. Sound confusing? We thought it might be, so in order to not create confusion, let’s break it down this way…


  • Everyone reading this probably knows what an online sportsbook is (AKA, an offshore bookie). Your duty as a bookie includes finding an online presence. You must take your business online. No matter how small or how big you may be, your business will die if you’re not online.


  • Why is an online presence so vitally important? Anybody that’s anybody in the sportsbook industry is online. Your clients have choices and it’s a 100% guarantee they are using the competition behind your back and here is why. You can’t be open all of the time, and you can’t be available every time a client wants to place a wager. What happens when you are not available? The client dials up his online bookie and places the wager in a 2-minutes flat. It really is this easy.


  • There is not a loyalty problem. Your clients love you and they would be doing business with you if your doors were open 24/7. Here is the interesting thing – You can be open 24/7\. Your wagering platform can be open to your betting clients and to the general public 24-hours a day. The pay per head industry has made this possible by offering software for bookies that runs the entire operation for you.


  • You know who the online sportsbooks are, and you know what type of betting platform they offer. They are big, bold, and they are in your face. They are the Walmart’s of the betting industry and they make millions. No you can have the same operation. You can own and operate your own online sportsbook. It is easy and simple to get started and the best news of all; it’s not expensive.


  • The betting platform that the “big boys” of the gaming industry is the same concept that you will be using. All of the “big boys” started out just as you have, they started small with a handful of clients and they went online, and business exploded. Now you have the same opportunity with a pay per head.


  • The per head providers have streamlined the sportsbook experience for not only your betting clients but for you as well.


  • The bookie software is your online presence, and the providers custom-build your website that comes with an exclusive .com address as well as a betting platform that is second to none in the industry. You will get a top-notch user interface that sets the daily lines and odds, grades all bet slips and keeps track of every dollar in and every dollar out.


  • Now, you can focus on recruiting players. You will keep your existing players simply because they feel like they are betting with the “big boys” every time they place a bet with you. 


The high season is here, and sports betting is at an all-time high. Players think they can beat you and they are going to try. That’s a great thing, you want players that think they can beat you because we know they can’t in the long run. Call the PPH provider and ask for a free trial and start making big money today.

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