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Whether youre looking to learn how bet on the MLB, get some baseball betting tips or just to learn about baseball betting strategies, these tutorials will definitively improve your betting bankroll and make you look like a professional gambler to amateurs and pros alike!

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Betting MLB Pitcher Props

Betting MLB Pitcher PropsBaseball is a heck of a sport to bet, but it’s even more important (and more fun) when you get some action down on the best players of the game: The pitchers.

Pitchers determine odds, dictate who scores, and in some cases, put on the most renowned performances in the history of the sport. No one scores without pitchers, and no one wins without them either.


And the same logic applies to you, the bettor.

One of the best ways to cash in on the actions of the game’s most critical centerpiece is by betting MLB pitcher props.

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MLB Betting Tips: Playoff Implications

MLB Betting Tips: Playoff Implications With the trade deadline come and gone, MLB teams have a pretty good idea if they are in the hunt for a postseason berth or just waiting for the end of the season to come to a close and try again next year.

Right around the start of August is when this online sportsbook starts to raise the price on playoff contenders due to the fact that these teams typically play with more motivation to win.

This can present some good line value when backing big underdogs. Backing a losing team at a big price when they send their ace to the mound, or fading a team with a good record who starts a pitcher towards the end of their rotation has the potential for a big payday.

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MLB Betting Tips: Line Movements

MLB Betting Tips: Line MovementsBaseball season is in full swing and even though they are a number of different ways to handicap MLB baseball games. This week we’ll review a method of MLB betting that doesn’t involve much in terms of dissecting statistics and pitcher/team history, rather we just follow the money.

Some MLB bettors let others do the handicapping for them. By following the line movement on the games, they can get a glimpse into what teams the sharp players – or professional sports bettors – are backing.

This method is a bit dangerous as they have to first figure out why the line has moved. MLB favorites can see their price rise or fall for a number of reasons – perhaps a pitching change, a key player getting a day of rest, or even a weather update.

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