Kyler Murray to Play Two Sports in 2019

Kyler Murray might not be part of the National Championship earlier this week, but many sports fans are still talking about him. Although he committed to play for the A’s, there are still some rumors that he will play two sports in 2019.  
The Oakland Athletics picked Murray ninth overall in the 2018 MLB Draft. As a result, he must give up football in order to fulfill his contract with the A’s. This is bad news for his fans who want him to continue playing football. 
There are reports that Kyler Murray might play both sports. However, the only option to do so is to play football at a collegiate level. According to the sports news grapevine, Murray may return to Oklahoma and play for one more year. This will not be a breach of contract with the A’s and still play in the minor league. 

What Will Kyler Murray Do

While it is possible for Murray to play both sports, there are factors that make his situation complicated. As a result, he might decide not to play football this year. Although there are rumors about Murray being part of the NFL draft, his agent Scott Boras repeatedly told that he will only baseball in 2019.  
In addition, it is unlikely that Murray will go back to college to play football. If he really wants to play football, then the logical path is to enter the NFL. There are some people who played two sports at the pro level, including Drew Henson, Bo Jackson, and Deion Sanders. Some athletes have exceptional skills  
Murray needs to think hard about his decision. Although all signs are for him to play for the A’s, some pay per head experts think he might go back to school. He might want to win the national championship for OU, which he failed to do in 2018. 
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