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The NBA is getting more excited than we anticipated, so early in the season. With some players being traded, to injuries abound, the dynamics are changing enough to affect each teams’ chance to get to the playoffs. So if you are looking at futures wagers in the NBA, or just betting on upcoming games, check out some free sports betting picks to stay updated with the latest in the league.

One of the more exciting parts of the NBA is trading. If you look at sportsbook pay per head reviews, many sportsbooks are able to offer wagers on trades – which is a favorite among NBA bettors. And right now, there are a lot of rumors going around about players, some as high-profile as James Harden. The Houston star is in the market, and there are quite a few teams interested. Let’s talk about the different NBA trade rumors surrounding Harden.

Trade Rumors: Where Will Harden Go

One of the more obvious options would be the 76ers, where Harden can definitely play alongside Morey. Ben Simmons would also be an attractive option for the Rockets to get. This is, of course, aside from some of the younger players on the 76ers that have good potential. They could also trade for PJ Tucker, or even ask for draft picks. There are a lot of options that the two teams could explore.

The Hawks are also an option. The Hawks have good talent, plus Trae Young. Their potential to get to the playoffs look good this season, and adding Harden will be cherry on top. But there is another team that could use more help- The Raptors. The start of the season has not been good to them. The best bookie software operators are seeing lines shift fast early on as we are seeing how teams are not shaping up according to expectations, while some are surprising bettors with good wins. The Raptors definitely have the potential to fit the latter, but with leadership questions, and no final lineup in terms of trading, they seem to fit more on the former.


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