Lakers advance to NBA Finals, LeBron will play his 10th Finals in 11 years


Lakers advance to NBA Finals, LeBron will play his 10th Finals in 11 yearsIt was no secret to anyone that the LA Lakers were aiming to go big once they landed the signing of LeBron James a couple of years ago. Even more so when Anthony Davis packed his bags and moved to LA just a year ago. Now, after a quite long and out of the ordinary season, the Lakers are moving on to the NBA Finals once again, their first Finals appearance in 10 years, after defeating the Denver Nuggets in just 5 games in the Bubble, in Orlando.

The Lakers had the Western Conference’s best record in the regular season, 52-19, just shy of Milwaukee Bucks’ 56-17, who led the East and had the league’s best overall record.

However, once the playoffs started, there was no team with better numbers than the Purple and Gold, who have won all of their three series with the same numbers, 4-1, over the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round, then the Houston Rockets and finally the Nuggets.

LeBron James keeps making NBA history, with his 10th NBA Finals ticket sealed

Many already give LeBron James the GOAT status, even though it sounds crazy for many others, who will always have Michael Jordan on top. Regardless of that, King James does keep making NBA history as games go by, and he will now have the chance to get a little closer on the ring count, when he steps on the court for his next game in Orlando. We’re talking about a guy who has been in the NBA Finals in 10 of his 17 NBA seasons. Last year, his first in Los Angeles, he got injured and the Lakers did not make the playoffs, but to put it this way, in the past 10 years, every time LeBron James has made the playoffs, he has also made it to the Finals, and this is something that must be acknowledged, because he has led his team every single year.

Will he be able to get his fourth ring and get a little closer to Jordan in that sense? We’ll have to wait and see, but what we can say is that the Lakers are heavy favorites to lift the trophy.

What does the future hold for the Lakers?

Not winning the title this year would be a huge disappointment for the Lakers organization and for LeBron James himself. We all know it’s not easy to become an NBA Champion, and there are many great players who can testify to that, players who never got the chance to win even one, like Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing or Charles Barkley, to name just a few. However, even though the Lakers have been champions many times, and LBJ has done it three times already, not doing it this year would be catastrophic now that they are already in the NBA Finals.

Win or lose, the Lakers have already been looking for another big star who can complement the team and join Anthony Davis in the lead. After all, remember that LeBron James is 35 and on his 17th season, so he’s ready to pass the torch, and that’s exactly what he’s doing with AD. Goran Dragic is one of the names that has been on the table, Damian Lillard, Joe Harris, Jae Crowder, Darren Collison and even DeMarcus Cousins, are also options.

Who do you think will end up suiting up for the Lakers? Can they win this year? Do you see them winning more titles together if they complete this season successfully?

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