What Sports Betting in the NBA Will Bring

Everyone who is in the sports betting industry knows that the legalization of sports betting is the US is going to happen eventually, and that the numbers on gambling will only increase. Not just because of the exposure sports betting will get from sponsorships and advertising. Even before sports betting was legalized in the US, thousands, if not millions, of people around the world have been betting on American sports, particularly the NBA.

In fact, bookmakers rake in millions in revenue from NBA betting. With technology backing them up, you don’t have to be inside a casino to place your bets. Just read what is an online bookie software and you will understand how easy it is to get in the gambling business.

And for the NBA, this is old news. True, Commissioner Adam Silver is one of the most progressive leaders the basketball industry has had. He also knows just how much the league can make money out of sports betting. But what exactly will it mean for basketball?

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NBA Playoff betting Update: Is Clipper Point Guard, Chris Paul out of the Playoffs?

Is Clipper Point Guard, Chris Paul out of the Playoffs?The Los Angeles Clippers are currently at 2-2 against the Portland Trail Blazers after game 4 of the playoffs. Sports handicappers are weighing the odds as to whether the Clippers can make it all of the way with Chris Paul out of action due to a broken third metacarpal in his right hand that was sustained on Monday night.

 Paul’s injury occurred in the third quarter of game 4 while he was attempting to swipe the ball away from Trail Blazer guard, Gerald Henderson.  According to unofficial sources, the Clippers do not believe Paul will be able to return in the postseason as he was seen leaving the stadium with a cast on his hand and his arm in a sling.

This is of course not certain as a final diagnosis is still pending on his injury and he is certainly not the only player in the league to have received an injury for this year’s NBA playoff.  Stephen Curry himself was injured last Sunday.

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Three Teams that will Get Past Round 1 of March Madness

Three Teams that Will make it past the first round of March MadnessOnly a few more days until Selection Sunday which means that thousands of office workers are eagerly waiting for the results so they can start filling out their March Madness Bracket.  Of course, you also have the basketball betting fans that are also waiting on their sportsbooks to put out their bracket to win some great prizes that are only offered by gambling websites.

While we wait to see which team will make the roster, let’s take a look at which team will make it past the first round.

It can be daunting to pick the first round winners with all of the statistics, historical data, and facts and figures so we thought we would make it easier for you by giving you or top choices.

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NBA Play Offs Sunday Betting Recap

NBA Play Offs Sunday RecapThis past Sunday ended up with losers and winners with some teams that shined amongst the rest and some that did not do as well as expected by the sports handicappers and the online sportsbooks alike.

Let’s go ahead and get started by taking a look at the Cleveland and Detroit matchup when the Cavaliers defeated the Pistons 106-101.  This was an important match for Cleveland because if they had any chance of winning the championship, they needed their big three players in good shape. 

This is exactly what we saw as LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving worked closely together for the win.

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206 NBA Betting Update – Will Raptors Overtake Cavaliers?

NBA Betting Update – Will Raptors Overtake Cavaliers?After a long All-Star break, NBA action resumed on Thursday with three games, with the majority of teams playing their first post-break matchup on Friday evening. Playoff seeding and potential playoff matchups will now be a focus for teams not just high in the standings, but also in the mid-to-lower tier of postseason teams.

Over in the Eastern Conference, Cleveland maintains its lead but the Toronto Raptors have quietly put together a very strong run and are just 3.5 games behind the Cavaliers for the top spot in the conference.

Raptors have won 14 of their last 16 games overall and if nothing else, they will benefit by having Cleveland work for their Eastern Conference crown – not allowing LeBron James and the other key Cleveland starters to rest late in the year with the #1 seed already wrapped up.

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