Massachusetts is Optimistic on Sports Betting Bill

Created on Saturday, 25 July 2020

Massachusetts is one of the states in the US that does not offer sports betting. In fact, the state loses potential income from taxing wagering revenue as its residents travel across states to place their wagers. Adding retail sports betting stores or even online wagering will be a boon for locals. A lot of bookies are now using sportsbook pay per head software to get ahead and capture an increasing market of online bettors.

Currently, HB 4879, an economic development bill, is up for approval. This bill is an economic development bill that is composed to multiple policies that will help the state generate revenue. One of the chapters in this bill is the Massachusetts Sports Wagering Act. If the bill passes, and is signed by Gov. Charlie Baker, this will legalize sports betting in the state.

Sports Betting in Massachusetts

Many bookie pay per head software providers are seeing a rise in registration from bookies, as well as an increase in betting activity from players. With the coronavirus pandemic limiting travel and socializing, majority of businesses are shifting to an online platform. Or, for people who still need to go out, a much more localized market where people will not have to travel too far to get what they need.

If Massachusetts will have a legalized sports betting industry, they can generate more revenue to help raise funds for the state. Instead of locals travelling states just to place bets, they can simply visit their local sportsbooks and place their wagers there. There are many online gambling sites already available. There are good gambling reviews that can help steer you to the reputable online gambling sites.

The chapter in the bill includes both in-store and online sports betting. Residents 21 and older can place bets in horse tracks, casinos, as well as through online betting companies. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will oversee the local industry. The bill is in its third reading in the House Ways and Means Committee, so it may be a while before we can find out if the bill will pass and become law.

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