Las Vegas Firm Joins the Sports Betting Bandwagon

Created on Sunday, 27 October 2019
Las Vegas Firm Joins the Sports Betting BandwagonMatthew Holt sees the sports betting bandwagon as an opportunity to make money. He launched a Las Vegas firm that works with leagues, sportsbooks, and teams to detect possible irregularities and cheating. 
Holt told that he sees the proliferation of sports wagering as a modern-day gold rush. He sees his company as selling shovels and picks to prospective miners. His company, US Integrity, monitors records of referees, inspects betting line movements, checks social media, and more. 
US Integrity has tools to identify trends that can indicate something is afoul with a game. If there are irregularities, his analysts can find it. He told sports handicappers that clients would get weekly reports on their games. It will indicate if there are potential wrongdoings by players or referees. 

Las Vegas Firm Monitoring Sports Events

US Integrity tracks insider information. Also, they monitor all the referees in college football. Besides, they look at every penalty and analyze its impact on the game. They are always looking for suspicious activities, and the connections referees and players have with them. 
Holt told pay per head reviews and news sites that he graduated with a degree in sports business management. He moved to Las Vegas, where he worked with DonBest sports handicapping service. He joined what is now known as GC Technology to be a bookie
However, he started his own company after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on sports betting in the US. He saw that there’s a need for a third party to work in fraud-prevention and integrity. As a result, he established his company to be the party in the middle for bookies, universities, and leagues. 
At present, some clients of US Integrity include UNLV, Pac-12, Big 12, and the NBA, to name a few. Also, the company is in talks with several NFL teams.  
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