Pay Per Head Prospects in Louisiana

Created on Friday, 26 April 2019

Louisiana has SB 153 in the Senate, which estimates to bring in around $60 million monthly in revenues. Legislators are planning to have a detailed and thorough discussion on legalizing sports betting in the state. Of course, looking at the top sportsbook pay per head operators, the revenue potential is good. To find out more about getting into the gambling industry, there are a lot of pay per head reviews to read. There is also a pay per head demo one can try to get a feel of how it works.

Pay Per Head in Louisiana

Of course, the debate on sports betting in the US has been dominating gambling news pages, and with good reason. The revenues generated from sports betting can fund wonderful social and economic programs, and legalizing it allows the state to profit off it.

SB 153, or the Louisiana Sports Wagering Control act wants to introduce sports betting in riverboats, casinos, and race tracks. There will also be mobile sports betting. However, one must be in specific areas or venues to be able to do so. Any online wagers will also require an in-person registration for the player prior to their first bets as well.

If the bill passes, then there will be a state wide referendum in which the citizens will vote on the matter. And since there will be elections on October 12, then this could happen within the year. Currently, the debate centers on the criteria for issuing licenses to operators. There is another bill form the House, HB 587, which is more detailed and covers the definitions of sports betting, tax rates, licensing fees, and more. This means that the debates are good in improving and streamlining the legislation for sports betting. This could, however, also mean a delay, especially if the referendum sways unfavorably for the industry.

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