New York Court Rules on Daily Fantasy Sports

Created on Friday, 02 November 2018

Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is also gaining popularity. Unfortunately, a New York court judge has recently set out a ruling that DFS is a form of gambling. This means that current operators of DFS in New York are now unclear on what will happen to them. The plaintiffs in the case who filed the case are known anti-gambling campaign groups – and the complaint was filed after the 2016 legislation was passed.

The 2016 legislation allows DFS under the premise that DFS is a game of skill. But Albany County’s acting Justice Gerald Connolly favors the plaintiffs. Connolly said that the plaintiffs were able to explain and demonstrate that DFS does require skill, but still relies on a lot of luck to win. This means that DFS should fall under the definition of gambling of the state.

This means, state legislators do not have the authority to allow DFS. But, they could remove DFS from the state’s definition of illegal gambling. And as if this issue is not confusing and complicated enough, there is also an existing move to legalize single-game sports betting in New York.

Experts from the best bookie PPH services expect that the state will file an appeal. As such, those who are into DFS will not have their game time interrupted. The status quo will prevail for now. As to when the decision on the appeal will happen, no one knows. But this could take years, not just the proceedings itself, but the wait time since there is a backlog on the state dockets. All the state will have to do is ask for a stay of the ruling, so those who are into DFS in New York can still play. Keep track of the latest gambling industry news to see if anything changes.


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