College Football Bowl Betting Strategy

CFB Bowl Betting StrategyHandicapping College Bowl games is completely different than handicapping a regular season College Football game. Every team plays with extra rest and all factors related to scheduling don’t apply. Add in the vast majority of teams playing on a true neutral field, and the remaining factors left to handicap are whittled down to on-field matchups and motivation.

We’ll start with motivation factors that are specific to College Bowl season. One thing that isn’t really hard to figure out is how a team feels about being in the Bowl game they are playing in.

Sometimes teams that don’t reach the postseason are extremely happy “just to be here.” Other times, big name programs that are coming off a disappointing season are not happy about being in a minor bowl game.

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College Football Betting Tips – The Influence of the CFP Rankings

College Football Betting Tips – The Influence of the CFP RankingsLast week the initial CFP Rankings were released with heavy criticism – not only for having two SEC teams ranked in the Top 4, but also having several undefeated teams ranked lower than a pair of one-loss teams (Alabama and Notre Dame).

We do believe there is such a thing as “SEC Bias” – however that bias occurs in the preseason and early season rankings. When teams like Auburn and Georgia are ranked in the Top 10, and then teams like Missouri and Arkansas are in the Top 25 to start the season, then when the “real” SEC teams beat those teams they lay claim to having quality wins vs. ranked opponents and it gives the impression of a harder schedule.

We’re not here this week to bash the SEC – in fact we believe College Football is having a down year overall – but these rankings do have a big impact on how the online sportsbooks make their lines on games involving these teams.

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NFL Preseason Betting: Stay Away From Winless Teams

NFL Preseason Betting: Stay Away From Winless Teams For whatever reason, there is a popular NFL betting system that some football bettors use which is to back teams in the final week of the NFL Preseason if they are still searching for their first win. The theory behind this NFL betting system is that teams will play harder if they are coming off three straight losses.

That theory was put to the test three times last year, going 1-2 straight up and ATS including a pair of blowout losses with the Cowboys (lost 27-3) and Colts (lost 35-7).

The year prior (2013 season), that system went 2-3 against the spread, with those two ATS wins coming by a combined seven points. The three ATS losses came by a combined 21 points.

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NFL Betting Tutorial: Week 1 Overreactions

NFL Betting Tutorial: Week 1 Overreactions If we based NFL Football teams solely on their opening week performance, then Tennessee would be considered the best team in the league while preseason darlings Indianapolis, Seattle, and Philadelphia would all be out of the running.

While it’s easy to base our opinion of NFL teams on their Week 1 performance, this is a dangerous and avoidable tendency that tends to influence our perceptions of these teams for the next few weeks.

The first thing to consider is the opponent. Tennessee build a 35-7 halftime lead and went on to win by a blowout 42-14 winning margin over the Tampa Bay Bucs – on the road no less.

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NFL Preseason Betting Tips: Playing Time

NFL Preseason Betting Tips: Playing TimeOne of the biggest reasons some NFL bettors stay away from playing the preseason is because the starters don’t typically see much action. It’s hard enough to handicap an NFL game when you know which players will be on the field, and even harder when you don’t.

But with a little research, you can find out how long head coaches plan to have their starters on the field. In a game involving a team playing their starters for far longer than their opponent, it presents a great opportunity to score a profit.

The best way to find out how long the starters will see action is to visit the sports section of the local team’s newspapers. All of this information is available for free online, and offers more insight than most of the national sports websites like ESPN and Yahoo.

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