Profit on the Bookie Business


Profit on the Bookie BusinessThere are margins, and then there are ways to create a profit margin for the bookies that work. In this game, profit margins can be razor thin and what has happened since March has presented a bigger problem than many thought.

The fact of the matter is this, the local bookies are hurting, and they have been for months. There is a silver lining, and we have a solution. Normally, especially in gambling, throwing money at a problem doesn’t work, however, we are not asking you to throw money around. We realize you don’t have extra money to throw around and you are probably on the tightest of budgets.

We have been in your shoes, we have been gamblers, and we have been bookies and we know how both parties think. There is no reason to not be earning big money right now. Yes, even at the end or middle or nearing an end…. Of a pandemic.

How can you turn 2020 around right now and start earning big?


· You must diversify. We realize this is a tired old saying, however, it rings true in this case – “you must step out of the box”. You must start doing things differently and mix it up if you want to see those razor thin margins widen in your favor. There is only one way to do this in the current environment in which we find ourselves. Find an online presence. It’s not expensive and there is close to no work required. All you must do is be willing to motivate your players and get them playing.


What can you offer your players right now, as a local bookie?


· You can offer them two things, the limited sports that are available and limited horse racing. As a local bookie this is all you have. This is all you have no matter what kind of economy we find ourselves in. We can be in a running of the bulls or we can be in a deep seeded recession. Who knows how far this current recession is going to go, we don’t know and neither do you. What we do know is this… Gamblers want in now more than ever and they are willing to find someone that meets their gaming needs. Is this you?


· There is one idea that you cannot and should never put stock in; the idea that says when the economy is bad gamblers don’t gamble. They do indeed gamble. This is how they earn money. For these folks, gambling is a way of life and they believe they were born to beat the bookie. Let them keep thinking this but give them something to gamble on. If you have nothing to give them beyond the sports that are available right now, then your margins will dry up completely and soon you will be out of the bookie business altogether.


· As a local bookie, you have nothing to offer your clients. You cannot offer them a casino of any sort; you can offer them some limited horse racing action, but you had better know your horses and you had better know how to calculate odds, and how to pay real-time money.

What can you offer your players with an online presence?


· If you are willing to try something a bit different such as pay per head, then you open up a new world of vast opportunities for yourself. You can now offer a huge online casino with all of the bells and whistles. The top PPH providers are offering a three in one package that includes a fantastic sportsbook, a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the world, as well as a Las Vegas-style casino that features more than 100-games, all of the favorite table games and the hottest slots.


Find a great PPH. They will set you up with a custom-built gaming website, FREE of charge. You will have your players on your site and playing in a day or two. The cost is easily affordable at around $7 per head, per week. Everything is done for you; you do none of the work and now you have time to manage your players. Call the PPH and ask for a free website and a free trial. Turn 2020 around.

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