Tools you need to succeed


 Tools you need to succeedThere are many different ways to succeed in the sports betting world and there is no right or wrong way. Bookies from all over need to learn to adjust and adapt to their players’ needs, to general evolution in the industry, in technology and in the different markets they should offer daily.

It’s not easy to keep up, sometimes, unless you have the right help and the right partners to support you and give you all the right tools to succeed and make it to the top.

With Price per Head, and good service providers like, this is exactly what you get, a partner, a company that will take you and your operation and turn it into a world-class sportsbook in a matter of days, with every single tool necessary to make it happen easily and naturally.


Real Bookies is one of the most experienced PPH providers you will find in the market, and one of the most affordable. For as little as $10 per head per weekly active customers, you will be able to experience the full Price per Head journey, with all the benefits that this implies both for you and your players. These are some of the tools you need to succeed, and that you will get once you join

- Brand new website: With us, you’ll be able to get a reset and restart, if wanted. We will redesign your site and make it 100% mobile friendly, for a better experience on the go.

- Best sportsbook platform in the industry: Years and years of constant improvement and evolution have helped us get the most updated, simple, and safest sports betting platform in this business. Betting has never been easier and controlling your operation either.

- 24/7 Customer Service and clerks: Online and on the phone, our staff will be ready to take care of each of your customers needs, to make sure they enjoy the best possible wagering experience.

- Live betting tracker: With our specialized online betting software, you’ll be able to see your player’s bets coming in live, so that you can be on top, know which sides they’re taking, and be able to check or adjust your lines at any time.


- The best report platform for your business: Live minute-to-minute reporting available so that you can run your numbers at any time. See your players’ balances, open bets, adjustments, hold percentage and everything else you need to make the best decisions for your operation.


These are just a few of the tools and benefits you’ll get for your sportsbook once you decide to join Real Bookies and the Price per Head industry. If you want to know more of what we can do for you and how we can take you to the top in a matter of days, give us a call or contact us through our website, we’ll be more than happy to help you redesign and reshape your operation, set new goals and give you our full support. 


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