How to Bet 'NBA Race to 20 Points'


How to Bet 'NBA Race to 20 Points'When it comes to bets on the NBA, one of the best bets in terms of the potential for profit and the opportunity to have some fun making money is the "race to 20 points." This is a great wager that provides a unique combination of excitement and earning potential.

While some people think it's a fun bet to risk a few bucks and make things interesting, it's actually a great wager to make in certain situations when sizing up the sports betting odds. In this post, you'll become a mastermind of the NBA Race to 20 Points in as little as a few hundred words.

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What is NBA Race to 20 Points?

So first of all, what is it? Does it involve LeBron James or Giannis Antetokounmpo wearing short-shorts running a 100-yard dash, getting 20 points at the ticker-tape?


Uh, no, it doesn't. Not even close.


As the name implies, despite the usage of "race," it's more akin to a bet on first to reach 20 points.


The race to 20 points wager is important to keep in mind because it doesn't mean per quarter or per half. It's a very specific wager, essentially betting on the first quarter of the game.


While some people might think of this as a degenerate play, essentially, a total coinflip that one can't really predict, it is possible to take advantage of the wager in certain circumstances and opportunities that would afford profitability to the wagerer. With the right tools and knowledge, you will become a smarter bettor.

Betting on a Hot Team

Hot teams stay hot, usually in shorter time frames than longer ones. The longer an event has to play out, the greater likelihood that volatility is going to return to the mean. As really hot teams get hot, they will be hot for a short period of time thereafter. It goes back to the theory of a shooter having a so-called "hot hand."


What observers are describing is the tendency for people to be in a certain range or momentum. Still, as time stretches out, better teams will outperform the weaker teams who are temporarily outperforming them.


What does this all mean for a race to 20 points wager?


If you bet a hot team in the early goings of a quarter, for example, a really good home team that plays at a fast pace and has a lot of shooters, the likelihood of reaching 20 points first is much higher.


Betting on a slower-paced team or perhaps a defensive-minded team might make sense, but it's a riskier play in certain circumstances.


You're also going to have to bet on the psychological mind state of a team, as a team that is completely demotivated will probably come out flat and perform poorly. But as with any wager, money management needs to be kept in the forefront.


By keeping these concepts in mind, you can definitely cash in on one of the most profitable and heart-pumping wagers.




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