Betting MLB Pitcher Props


Betting MLB Pitcher PropsBaseball is a heck of a sport to bet, but it’s even more important (and more fun) when you get some action down on the best players of the game: The pitchers.

Pitchers determine odds, dictate who scores, and in some cases, put on the most renowned performances in the history of the sport. No one scores without pitchers, and no one wins without them either.


And the same logic applies to you, the bettor.

One of the best ways to cash in on the actions of the game’s most critical centerpiece is by betting MLB pitcher props.


Still not sure which props to bet on? Let’s go over some of the hottest props in terms of profit and fun today!

Wins Leader

When it comes to betting the biggest winner of them all, it may seem like a no-brainer. Betting the wins leader is what it implies: You’re wagering on the pitcher that will lead the league in wins. Simple, right? It will almost make you take the time to get free picks.


Well, the wager is simple, but picking the winner, now that’s the hard part. Luckily, we can make it a little easier. When seeking out a player to wager on, make sure you’re betting a player who throws strikes, has nasty stuff, and is on a team that can provide run support.


No other team comes to mind than the Yankees and their newly acquired ace, former Houston Astros standout, Gerrit Cole.


Cole started the preseason odds with +245. He has four wins, which puts him a little ways off from the top, currently held by Shane Bieber of the Cleveland Indians with six.


Not bad for a guy who shares the namesake with a Canadian pop star, right?


Bank on Cole finishing strong and getting back to the top ranks, possibly even cashing as a +245 dog as the Major League wins leader, let alone in the American League.



Cy Young Winners

It’s one of the most mythic awards in all of sports, and its name is synonymous with greatness. We’re of course talking about the Cy Young award, the award given to the season’s most outstanding pitcher.


As it stands, Cole and Bieber are neck and neck to start the 2020 MLB season, with Cole the league-wide +245 dog and Bieber sitting a little prettier at +345. The season is not over yet, but the way it’s going, there is no doubt that we may see a lot more fireworks on display that could help Cole move up to that league-leader spot in wins and clinch the Cy Young.


It should be noted that while Cole and Bieber were the favorites for the AL, more often than not, AL favorites fail to cash.


On the other end of the spectrum, the NL is being led by Yu Darvish, whose otherworldly ability to throw his stuff is showing out this year, edging Sonny Gray for most wins in the NL.


While these plays are a little more for keeping things fun, you wouldn’t do yourself wrong to get down and see if you could cash in on one of these ultra-juicy longshot bets.

Having betting options, such as pitcher props, is one more thing to pay attention to when knowing how to choose a sportsbook that fits your needs. With so much competition in the industry, make sure any sportsbook you decide on takes care of you.